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Now You Can See Why a Google Ad Targeted You [Video]

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Ever been searching Google for something and you saw an ad displayed and thought, "How the hell is that relevant?" Now with a single click you can see why Google paired that ad with you and block others from annoying sources.

The Big G has just unleashed some tools to allow for greater transparency in their advertising process. When you see an add in a Google search result or in Gmail, and you're wondering what that has to do with anything, all you need to do is click the "Why This Ad?" button, and it'll tell you. Alternatively you can click "Why These Ads?" and choose to block ads from a particular source. So if you know you will never, ever, want to buy some low-cost seal meat, you can just choose to block all incoming ads from the Marine Mammal Steak Co. and you'll never see such ads again, until you get a hankering and unblock them though your Ads Preferences Manager.

I think this is actually a great move on Google's part. Is it any coincidence that this is happening when Google and Facebook are under such scrutiny for their mysterious data-mining practices? Of course it isn't, but by taking the more transparent route, it makes Google seem like they've got nothing to hide. That doesn't mean that you don't have anything to hide. If you're searching Google with your girlfriend and she asks, "Why are all of you Google ads for porn?" I wonder if when you click "Why This Ad?" it will say, "Because 97% of your searches in the last month include the word 'boobs.'" Good luck blaming Google analytics now. [Google Blog via PC Mag


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Watch: The Flaming Lips Pay Tribute to Steve Jobs at MTV O Music Awards

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At last night's MTV O Music Awardsthe Flaming Lips paid tribute to Steve Jobs with a typically bonkers performance. After an introduction by Yoko Ono, the Lips performed a cover of the Beatles' "Revolution", recorded entirely on iPads. The best part: Kliph Scurlock's iPad drumming. Watch it here.

Pitchfork: Latest News

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Getting Around Neighborhood Association Rules

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There, I Fixed It.

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Should Greece reject the bailout?

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Which do you trust more: democracy or financial markets?

Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou decided in favor of democracy Monday when he announced a national referendum on the draconian budget cuts Europe and the IMF are demanding from Greece in return for bailing it out.

(Or, more accurately, the cuts Europe and the IMF are demanding for bailing out big European banks that have lent Greece lots of money and stand to lose big if Greece defaults on those loans – not to mention Wall Street banks that will also suffer because of their intertwined financial connections with European banks.)

If Greeks accept the bailout terms, unemployment will rise even further in Greece, public services will be cut more than they have already, the Greek economy will contract, and the standard of living of most Greeks will deteriorate further.

If Greeks reject the terms and the nation defaults, it will face far higher borrowing costs in the future. This may reduce the standard of living of most Greeks, too. But it doesn’t have to. Without the austerity measures the rest of Europe and the IMF are demanding, the Greek economy has a better chance of growing and more Greeks are likely to find jobs.

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How To Make a Terrifying Steampunkin For Halloween [DIY]

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Thomas Willeford has provides all of the information necessary to create your very own Steampunkin for Halloween via this handy instructional PDF.

Check out the image after the break to see the terrifying beast up close.

Nerd Approved

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Goldfish, cats, and tax cuts.

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My cat shares far too many traits with a goldfish. I've heard that a goldfish swims constantly around their bowl mostly because they have such short memories that by the time they have swum around their bowls, they have forgotten what they saw before, and are now again fascinated by the same things they just saw. This morning I was petting my cat, then she wandered too far off for me to reach from the breakfast table, and she got interested in something else. So I called her again and held my hand out, IMMEDIATELY she comes running back, as if this was the possibility for something great to happen. This happened about 5 times in a row, after which she got interested in a fly and chased it across the house and then I couldn't get her to come back any more. Maybe the same thing is wrong with people. Maybe tv commercials and modern TV shows and their constant refocusing of our attention has made us so dependent on being told "look at this!" over and over that we forget everything that just happened and are willing to do the same wrong thing again. After a presidential campaign where tax cuts managed to somehow get past the OMGDONTTAXME enough to actually be the bad guys in the winning candidate's campaign, here we are again with the stimulus bill. How do we fix the economy? Tax cuts. Unemployment? Tax cuts. Seriously, this approach hasn't worked on any problem since, what, JFK times? Somehow, the peeps have already forgotten that tax cuts don't help anything. I don't wonder why the republicans in congress always push for tax cuts. They aren't confused about how effective they'll be in fixing the world. They just don't care. I don't believe for a second that they are do gooders trying to make the world a better place and are just so misguided that they really believe tax cuts are going to do the job. They just want more tax cuts so they can make more money, and their donors will make more money, so they can stay in power. But how in the world do they sell that crap to their constituents? I think it's the goldfish phenomenon. They saw a flashy thing and they got distracted for a while, now you can use the same story on them you used 20 minutes ago. The failure of the last 30 years washed clean in seconds.


I know, let’s have a spelling contest

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"research sponsored by the Commonwealth Fund shows that achieving universal coverage with a plan similar to Mr. Obama’s campaign proposals would add “only” about $104 billion to federal spending in 2010 — not a small sum, of course, but not large compared with, say, the tax cuts in the Obama stimulus plan."

One of many many many reasons tax cuts really aren't the way to go. Never mind the other day TPM reported that to get them we lost Mass Transit.

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Thanks Josh Marshall

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