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Why is this a good thing?

The top Democratic presidential nominees are all pledging to avoid the "rogue primaries" this year. This refers to the fact that several states are moving up their primaries to earlier dates, somewhat taking away the power of the Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina primaries. This is something that's bad for presidential candidates, it means that they can't appeal to a very small electorate during the early primaries. Somehow I don't feel really bad for them though. On the other side, we have millions of Americans whose primary votes don't mean anything because by the time it gets to them, it hardly matters who they vote for. Someone please explain to me why this is a good thing? I've had it argued that primaries in big states early on makes it so candidates with less money don't get a chance. Let me tell you a secret... CANDIDATES WITH LESS MONEY ALREADY DON'T HAVE A CHANCE! Well it seems that I'm typing in caps, so I might as well stop. I'd really like to know why this is a good thing though.

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