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We’re Not Adult Orientated

I've read several articles lately about the biology or not biology of homosexuality. One was linked from Pharyngula, who you may or may not know, is a developmental biology associate professor at the University of Minnesota. The article he has linked( The Biology of Sexual Orientation ) is about the fact there have not been any conclusive studies linking sexual orientation in humans to biology. I had no idea this was the case before reading that article, as I have heard people say the opposite on many occasions, but trust the sources in this case. I have always felt strongly that sexual orientation was not based on biology, but on the same factors that determine personality and other things that are part of your socialization. I am obviously not a biologist. I also have much stronger feelings about socialization being responsible for almost everything a person does. Lots of people seem to see the idea that sexual preference is not biological as directly hostile to people who aren't heterosexual, and this I've also always felt, is a strange position. Because I wasn't born already interested in men and women or just women or just men, is hardly a reason that it's ok to be a jerk to me based on who you think I should or shouldn't love or want to have sex with. I do not think people have a choice. Much like most everything about love, you rarely get much say in the matter. There is another article this week in Mother Jones that is mroe of a conversation about the issue. I wouldn't start the mother jones article if you aren't going to finish it, because it talks to some people who feel very strongly on many sides of ideas about sexuality, and starts off seeming like it's going one way before eventually going nowhere. Anyway, all good articles and interesting things to talk about.

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