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Paul Krugman Writes teh Awesome but Hunter Writes it Longer

Yesterday's Krugman(behind Times Select Firewall) was an excellent piece on press reporting on presidential candidates and "authenticity". He started off with:

Rich liberals who claim they’ll help America’s less fortunate are phonies.

Let me give you one example — a Democrat who said he’d work on behalf of workers and the poor. He even said he’d take on Big Business. But the truth is that while he was saying those things, he was living in a big house and had a pretty lavish summer home too. His favorite recreation, sailing, was incredibly elitist. And he didn’t talk like a regular guy.

Clearly, this politician wasn’t authentic. His name? Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Several of youse have asked me why I don't like Hillary for the Dem. nominee, aside from that it represents a presidential line of Bush Clinton Clinton Bush Bush Clinton, and that she is 100% funded and backed by the same machine that was behind her husband(what did they call that? oh yeah, the Clinton Machine), and that she doesn't think she was wrong to authorize the Iraq war, here's another fun fact:

For example, Hillary Clinton’s credibility as a friend of labor is called into question, not by her biography or life style, but by the fact that, as The Nation recently reported, her chief strategist — a man Al Gore fired in 2000 because he didn’t trust him — heads a public relations company that helps corporations fight union organizing drives.

Hunter over at Kos goes on further about very similar issues with Fred Thompson, discussing at length that it appears his strongest credentials as a presidential candidate seem to be appearing as one on TV. Despite that fact, as of June 12th:

A Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg poll cites that Giuliani retains GOP lead with support from 27% percent, while Thompson is right behind him with 21%. The two other major Republican contenders, McCain and Romney were well behind with 12% and 10% respectively.

Yay America!

This has been brought to you by the blame america first crowd.

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