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If George Bush can’t be impeached, what’s the point of impeachment?

I have said this before, but it is more true every time and thus I feel bears repeating. This is a president who broke the law, said so on national television, is incredibly unpopular, and has probably done more damage to the US Government than any other one individual in history. This Think Progress link is talking about his COMPLETELY dodging questions about the Comey business. That's touching on his TOTALLY BREAKING THE LAW thing. It used to be he was at least very popular, which made it somewhat hard to think he could be brought down. Now he's so unpopular he doesn't even bother lying about things like this story where he's totally threatening to veto a bill if they include raises for military families. How can anyone get away with that?
Lieberman is going on about how much more "civility" we need in government today. That is exactly the opposite of what we need. Politeness cannot extend to people who are literally getting hundreds of people killed every week. Politeness cannot extend to excusing people for breaking the law to take away people's civil liberties. Can anyone offer me any viable reason this president should not be impeached?

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