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Well, due to some unfortunate blunders on my side, I appear to have dropped the past history of all posts/users and everything from the site.  I'll see what I can recover, but for now, everyone will need to recreate accounts.  Sorry y'all.

Posted by rabidchild

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  1. whoops!

    I’ve done similar things in the past (although in my case it was more “disk drives” and less “a database”).

    I did go ahead & enable the “database backup” plugin for you in the Admin console, hindsight being 20/20, and all that. Check the “Manage” page, I believe.

    I’d suggest running an undelete program to try to recover the MYSQL database, since the database store is a set of files on the HD, but since the new database is probably named the same as the old, that probably wouldn’t work.

  2. ya, I’m pretty sure what actually happened is that when I upgraded php, it caused various and assorted php related programs on the server to freak out for whatever reason. Gregarius would not display properly until I logged into the admin, which makes no sense, but ok. When I loaded Nolite for first time, it prompted me as if I had never set it up. I suspect that it tried to run the set up again, which overwrote the table.

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