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Mom and Dad aren’t home!

This topic for discussion over at TPM Cafe is something that I think is one of the central problems in society today. It's a discussion about the fact that a parent at home is needed. Obviously it's ludicrous to suggest that "women need to go back home," but not having any parent at home creates all kinds of potential for problems for kids growing up. It also addresses the issue that "Mommy" responsibilities need to be shared between men and women, kind of silly to assume a woman would be in charge of those things these days. Topic that needs to be addressed more in the near future methinks.


Also it appears I comepletely didn't mention that this is simply not an option for most families. Which is the part of the problem that I feel needs to be addressed most. I don't think people don't stay home with their kids because they don't want to or don't care, it's just not financially feasible any more for one parent to provide enough income to raise kids and support a family in most jobs.

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  1. “Not financially feasible” is a HUGE problem with this. I think that all sorts of aspects of society are suffering because we literally can’t afford to spend more time doing family things.

    My perfect world solution? Both parents work 20 hour weeks. That’s the equivalent of one parent working and the other not, but it leaves time to take care of the kidlings and time for everyone to spend together as well. (An additional problem that a lot of Hispanic families in Austin seem to face–and I’m sure they’re not the only ones–is that they manage to keep the kids out of daycare by working exactly opposite hours, and therefore the adults never see each other.) ALSO, staying at home all the time is boring, but a 20-hour job is just enough to be fulfilling without becoming a pain in the ass.

    Stupid low wages! This too I blame on the corporate profit margin!

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