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5 points to Amandagon(and of course Glenn Greenwald)

Very insightful paragraph! I'm not sure if it's from Glenn Greenwald's book more or from Amanda Marcotte, but either way, 5 points to Amandagon! This paragraph is from the middle of her review of Glenn Greenwald's new book Great American Hypocrites: Toppling the Big Myths of Republican Politics

Where do women fit into all this? Well, that’s an interesting question that Greenwald tackles in his section on how conservatives tout themselves as big family men with happy housewives, as opposed to those decadent liberals with our liberated women and sexifying ways. He then carefully details hows these “family men” are all too often wife-traders who alienate their own children (current nominee of the Republican party John McCain went years without his children from his first marriage speaking to him, they were so angry about the way he dumped his first wife to get a prettier, younger, richer model that fit his political aspirations more), adulterers, johns, and even closeted homosexuals. Greenwald notes that the Republicans coddled their own who stomp all over the women and children in their lives, but are willing to cut the strings on the outed gays, but to my mind this demonstrates a consistency that will always resonate with the anxious masculinity voters. Basically, the more adulteries and trophy wives, the more the gun humpers are going to think of these politicians as “family values” sorts, because “family values” is a code word for “male dominance”, or really, the patriarchy, because as the oppression of gay men shows, only certain kinds of men get to dominate. That John McCain talks about family values after trading his old wife for a younger, richer model is hypocrisy, true, but it’s also probably just going to make the sexists like him more. Still, they are wild hypocrites—after all, the official argument for the patriarchy is that it serves women’s interests to be second class, because we get male protection. The behavior of prominent conservatives shows how much a lie that really is.

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