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Why do we want Iowa to control the primaries again?

Aside from the fact that I don't think it's reasonable for a couple of states to control the primary anyway, Gail Collins over at the NYTimes makes a good point that the Dems are really making some bizarre choices concerning campaigning and the moved primaries. The candidates have all signed a pledge not to campaign in states that move up their primaries, but they can still raise money there. So it's ok to talk to anyone with a checkbook, but trying to convince regular people to vote for them, that's somehow bad. Florida Senator Bill Nelson is suing the party over the disenfranchisement of the voters in his state, and I wish I thought he would win that suit. I think the Democratic party is making a HUGE mistake with this and it's going to backfire on them. So brazenly trying to make the electorate easier to control. Why in the world does anyone think this is ok? I can haz useful partee now pleez?

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