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Gigantic praise

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Excellent article on TMBG in the Ventura County Reporter that I got from my RSS feed.

Here's another also good one, but not quite as good as the first.

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Avast! It be that time of the year again…

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There's no "shameless request for money category." It would be helpful here!

I'm running in the LiveStrong Challenge 5K on October 13, which benefits the Lance Armstrong Foundation. I am running on a team with my co-workers, and we each have a goal of $50 to raise to benefit the charity. $50 is not much, so I know all of you wonderful people can give a couple of bucks and put me past my goal. It's for a good cause! And it's tax-deductible!

You can donate here:

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Superman Pod Crashes in Bolivia

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Next time I say let's go someplace like Bolivia... beware of crashing poisonous meteorites.


NYTimes is Free Again

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As of midnight Tuesday, TimesSelect is no more. They estimate they can make more in ad revenue on a free site than they have been making through subscriptions. Those of you who paid in advance will get a prorated refund.

Yay for free editorials!

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How many doctors can you eat?

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Ariakas sent me this link yesterday with a map of the world showing how many people per doctor in various countries. Interesting!



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For those of you familiar with, they are back up and operational again. I read an article about it over at Ars Technica and they had this awesome quote I had to repost:'s new management has a message for the entertainment industry and anyone else who might stand in their way:

"Finally, some words for non-internet loving companies: This is how it works. Whatever you sink, we build back up. Whomever you sue, ten new pirates are recruited. Wherever you go, we are already ahead of you. You are the past and the forgotten, we are the internet and the future."



Crazy what the Internet can do

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Crazy thing is doing with their Mechanical Turk program, got this email this morning...

Amazon Mechanical Turk logo

Greetings from Amazon Mechanical Turk

>On Monday, September 3, 2007, Steve Fossett

>, the first person to fly a plane around the world without refueling and the first person to fly around the world in a balloon went missing in Nevada. An airplane he was flying failed to return. No one has any idea where he is.

Through the generous efforts of individuals at several organizations, detailed satellite imagery has been made available for his last known whereabouts.

HITs have been created to ask volunteers to help review these images and flag potential areas of interest which will be instrumental in the search and rescue efforts.

If you are interested in helping, please click here to participate in the search effort.

This is a race against time and any help you can provide will make a huge difference.

Friends and family of Steve Fossett would like to thank you for helping them with this cause.

Amazon Mechanical Turk Team



It was behind the everything in the room

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Article over at Ars about the ACLU battling cameras being installed all over CA points out that in many cases these cameras are not only a gross invasion of privacy, but haven't really been shown to prevent crime. BONUS!

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