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YK07 Part 2

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Last night we saw Howard Dean, and Ariakas asked the fairly valid question "why can't this guy run for president?" I campaigned like crazy for Howard Dean in 04, and I love him where he is right now getting Democrats elected, but... We're electing democrats who can't get together to get us out of the Iraq war, We're electing democrats who can't even consider proposing health care not run by insurance companies, Nancy Pelosi is asking Rep. Ed Markey to pull a proposal to boost vehicle mileage to 35 miles per gallon by 2019(something we probably could have easily achieved 20 years ago if we wanted to, and now we can't even try in 12 more years?). Hopefully we're here today to listen to people who are going to turn that around. Dean's speech was excellent, and this morning we listened to Gen. Wesley Clark, who was also excellent. He mostly addressed the idea that we need to engage with countries like Iran who we aren't really talking to at all. Something I'd like to hear more of! Now we're hearing from a Media Matters panel about people who have left the Republican Party about why they've left. More later!


Live from Yearly Kos 2007!

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Dazifudo, Rabidchild, Ariakas, and I flew in last night and visited some Chicago today to get things started. We went to the Art Institute and then ate lunch at Giordano's before heading over to the official event. Right now we're at Drinking Liberally YK07 waiting to go into the Keynote with Dick Durbin and My man Howard Dean, w000w000. Lots of peeps from just about everywhere talking and drinking and meeting each other. Very cordial atmosphere, everyone wants to meet you and tell you about where they're from. I'll try and post as often as I can as things get going, about to file in now for the keynote speech. w00w000!