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Please don’t flashy thing my whole brain

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Again from Ars, a study published in Science details an experiment on some rats showing that long term memory can be stopped from forming and likely completely erased with a chemical called protein kinase M zeta (PKMζ). Terrifying??!


New robot thinks knock-knock jokes are funny

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Via Ars Technica, UC doctoral student Julia Taylor and professor Larry Mazlack are writing software for a robot to understand jokes based on puns and other similar sounding word jokes. CALL DATA!


Nineteen Eighty Ftwothousand seven(again? already?)

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Ars Technica discusses a new program called Hostile Intent that suposedly decides if someone might be a criminal based on movements, voice, facial expressions. Try to look happy at the airport folks.

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McSweeney’s lists: Still funny

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I haven't been keeping up with my RSS the last many months, so here's a bajillion McSweeney's lists I missed during that time:

Printed on
My Waffle Iron

Signs of
Impending Suicide
That Hemingway's
Friends May Have

Ways in Which
the Hunter Might
Become the Hunted.

No. 82:
Movie Spoofs—
Sample Dialogue
(Nonporn Category).

Unlikely Disasters.

The White House's
Conditions Under
Which Harriet Miers
and Karl Rove Will
Testify Before

I'm Reasonably
Confident I Would
Beat Ken Jennings in
These Jeopardy!

Titles of Songs
From Pet Sounds,
Translated In and Out
of Japanese by Google

What Does Your Name
Say About You?

Mundane Dreams.


Nineteen Eighty Ftwothousand seven

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Apparently Homeland Security is giving huge grants all over the country to communities putting up huge camera networks to watch the citizens. Via TPM.

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John Flansburgh talking about technology in music and Mad Flava

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This is a good interview with John Flansburgh of They Might Be Giants over at a site called Gearlog that I hadn't heard of before. I didn't know Dial-A-Song wasn't working any more! I still have it saved in my cell phone! Apparently there is only now. My favorite quote from this interview was talking about how drum machines affected early work:

When you first started out, were you worried about making something too slick, and losing something in the music to the production?
The means to do anything in a slick way were so unavailable to us that it never really was an issue. We had very crude tools, for a very long time. We started out as a duo and used a drum machine. And something that I think we only became aware of, after we graduated to bigger studios and started working with live musicians, was how the sort of automatic, mad flava of the drum machines made our recordings exceptional-sounding.

On an almost completely unrelated note, I have always liked the symmetry of the formation of two of my favorite bands ever, They Might Be Giants, and Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine. Despite being extremely different kinds of bands, this article kind of highlights the way they both started in similar ways. If you know the beginning of Carter that is, which I'm going to assume you probably don't. Carter USM was originally a band called Jamie Wednesday, that broke up right before a scheduled gig, for which all but two of the members didn't show up. James Morrison and Les Carter, later to be known as Jim Bob and Fruitbat of Carter, still wanted to be the same rock and roll band though, and proceeded with later shows as Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine with a drum machine and tape recorder to try and replace lost band members, much as TMBG did. Like TMBG they also later replaced their mechanics with real band members. I think probably as a result of their lack of full bands I ended up liking both of these groups alot more easily than I otherwise might have.


Wikipedia anonymous editting tracking FTW

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Article over at Wired about an awesome program a guy name Virgil Griffith, a CalTech grad student, made to track down IPs of anonymous posters. It showed wide ranging locations for changes, such as the CIA, Wal Mart, and Diebold:

Some of this appears to be transparently self-interested, either adding positive, press release-like material to entries, or deleting whole swaths of critical material.

Voting-machine company Diebold provides a good example of the latter, with someone at the company's IP address apparently deleting long paragraphs detailing the security industry's concerns over the integrity of their voting machines, and information about the company's CEO's fund-raising for President George Bush.


This has been

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What Atrios said.

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Think Wal-Mart is cheap in the US? Check out Mexico

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I was reading Wil Wheaton's Geek in Review on Suicide Girls and couldn't resist clicking the link in the sidebar titled "Wal Mart Keeps on Wal Marting." It was about the use of child "volunteers" as baggers at Wal Mart stores in Mexico. FREE CHILD LABOR FTW!

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I know I should have posted the last half of Yearly Kos 07 by now, but I haven't. And I can't resist throwing up this post from Wil Wheaton, because it's just too funny to skip.

question of the day

When the feds raided Ted Stevens' home, they obviously did not show up in a big truck. So do you think they arrived via bridge or tube?