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Goofy post over at WWdN

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Funny picture of Dick Cheney hiding in the background while Bush is speaking with some magic card text from Wil


Glenn Greenwald on ABCnews

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This post is a pretty hard indictment of Brian Ross and ABC news. Glenn Greenwald started talking about the recent Brian Ross ABC report that "anonymous sources" provided him with information that Iran has tripled their nuclear production capabilities and could have a nuclear bomb by 2009. He contacted ABC news and spoke with Jeffrey Schneider, Senior Vice President of ABC News, who stated that ABC news anonymous sources are vetted at high levels of ABC, and are absolutely trustworthy. This led Glenn Greenwald to do some more investigating, and it looks like ABC News, and Brian Ross specifically, were the almost sole distributors, of the idea that Saddam Hussein was behind the anthrax attacks, which has been pretty thoroughly debunked by the FBI. What did they base that story on? High placed anonymous sources.

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Overheard in D.C.

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I got this from Thierry.The Washington Post got a guy recognized as one of the greatest violin players in the world to play for 45 min. during rush hour at a transit station in Washington DC to see what sort of response he would get.

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Military Continues to re-deploy Injured Soldiers

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I believe this is the second article on this I've seen. It either isn't getting very much attention or I'm just not seeing it. I don't know how exactly a person could argue that the military is in good shape while deploying injured soldiers. Good article from my new friends over at

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Awesome Star Wars Youtube video

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MLK’s Beyond Vietnam Speech

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Great article over on Common Dreams about Martin Luther King's campaign in his last few years to fight poverty. Not something you hear a whole lot about as it wasn't very popular among the media and government, surprisingly enough...

This is also a link to the full text of the speech mentioned.

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Get Your David Rees On

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Get Your War On was funnier on this last page than it has been in a long long time. If you've never read this site before it's worth going back to the first page, the first 20 or so are waaaaaaaaaaaaay funny. On an only slightly related note, the My New Filing/Fighting Technique is Unstoppable cartoons on that same site are also very funny if you've never read them, though not topical so much as just crazy.


No recording of interrogations, per every federal law enforcement branch

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Glenn Greenwald addresses the issue of federal agents seeking to conceal their behavior in obtaining confessions. Apparently Arizona U.S. Attorney Paul Charlton was fired shortly after trying to institute a program to record all interrogations to increase their credibility in court.

Charlton cited numerous prosecutions where his office either lost a jury trial or had to accept an inadequate plea bargain because the only incriminating evidence (or confession) was contained in the handwritten notes of FBI agents, which were (either objectively or in the eyes of jurors) unreliable and an insufficient basis on which to convict. He also argued that jurors find it suspicious -- given the frequency with which the Federal Government records everyone (other than itself) and the ease of doing so -- that such interrogations are not taped, and that numerous federal judges have urged federal law enforcement agencies to tape record interrogations and confessions. Charlton therefore wanted all such interrogations and confessions to be recorded.

However, virtually every branch of the DOJ refused, almost unanimously citing that "Law enforcement interrogation techniques(although completely legal) may still be unsettling for some jurors in video and audio form." As Glenn points out,

Jurors, by definition, are randomly selected citizens from the communities in which defendants are tried. If they collectively find behavior of law enforcement agents to be coercive, unconscionable or excessive -- and therefore likely to engender involuntary or unreliable statements and confessions -- that seems to be rather compelling evidence that agents should not be engaged in that behavior.

Doesn't that all make you feel safer?

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Clintonistas + News Corp = love? dumb?

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This MyDD post details how a large number of the Clinton machine people helped News Corp fight Nielson ratings to keep them from reflecting poorly on Fox. How screwed up and dumb is that? Fox news spends hours every week trashing Hillary Clinton and even Bill Clinton every week. Good plan guys. Also, like, shouldn't you like, not be helping THE Republican propaganda machine? Please lord don't let her be our candidate.

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