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Wil Wheaton likes numbers.

Now follow this link: google search


Seriously Rush?

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Maybe it's just because I don't watch/listen to/"tolerate presence of within 4 blocks of me" Rush's show, but this seemed pretty surprising even for that show. He's singing a song called "Barack the Magic Negro" with some pretty out there lyrics. Check it out.

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All your songs R(IAA) belong to us

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Just read a story over at Kos (via ariakas) explaining a horrific system through which the RIAA has gained rights to collect royalties on ANY SONG played on internet radio, whether they own the rights to it, the performer is a member of the RIAA, or not. Even if the performer is not signed to a major label, and their label is in no way associated with the RIAA, the RIAA still has the right to collect royalties any time any song is played. Can you say HORRIFIC?!

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Josh Marshall on Bill Moyers

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Nice clip of Josh Marshall from Talking Points Memo talking about the Attorney General and USA Firings.

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Fragile Army Mashup

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Preview of the new Polyphonic Spree album. Out June 19.

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Unitary Executive maintained

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Kagro X over at Kos highlighted an article from Slate about the Gonzales hearings that discusses the fact that those hearings are actually a slam dunk for the Bush administration, no matter how terrible they might look on TV.

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Make compy use less power!

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Article I originally got from /. about how to make your computer use less power while still being remotely accessible while in standby.


Metroid vs. Halo video

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I found this on Penny Arcade, pretty awesome Master Chief vs. Samus video. Bit ridiculous at the end, but still very entertaining.

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Someday I’ll post about something other than Glenn Greenwald

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But not today. This quote was too awesome not to post:

(5) Although it is a heated competition, I think the single dumbest and most intellectually dishonest rhetorical tactic -- wielded most prominently by Drudge but with plenty of followers doing the same -- is from those who cite cold weather conditions on a given day in order to impliedly discredit the worldwide consensus of climatologists and other scientists on global warming. It would be as if someone constantly linked to individual obituaries as proof that world population is not really growing. It is that dumb and dishonest.

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Had enough?

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Lee Iacocca is mad as hell



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