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Chewbacca's on a scooter man, HOLY CRAP!


Imaginary Crack Babies

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About 20 years ago, there was big media storm about the coming generation of crack babies who would be born with developmental problems and would have serious issues into adulthood. Turns out, crack and cocaine might not have the awful effect on kids that it was believed to have. In actuality, it may be less dangerous than alcohol and cigarettes:

In fact, research so far suggests that crack may not even be as harmful to a fetus as half a pack of cigarettes a day — which can be bad enough, causing stillbirths and sudden infant death syndrome, but doesn't raise the same alarms.

By no means is this a free pass for expectant moms to line up at the crack lollipop vending machine, but I'm sure the findings are a relief to many drug-addicted mothers who gave up their children or had them taken away from them.

And I'm sure the crack baby scare had absolutely nothing to do with the War on Drugs. No, nope, not at all...


Make compy use less power!

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Article I originally got from /. about how to make your computer use less power while still being remotely accessible while in standby.



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Great article from mother jones about people who get ridiculous gas mileage through crazy driving techniques.  It's a really entertaining read, check it out!


Nature’s End continues

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Sarah and Thierry both sent me this article from the New York Times today concerning the dissappearance of huge numbers of bees across the country. In reading the article it seems pretty clear, and this is entirely speculation on my part, that this is related to the fact that the ecosystem through genetic engineering and poison, and the bees through breeding, are severely altered from their normal state, and as a result, are completely hosed. In addition, everything they described in the article that has been done to try and fix the problem, or to fix problems associated, seem very likely to further screw up the ecosystem. This is all very frightening. I think this is probably a sign of lots of things being really screwed up. There are probably lots of terrible things associated with this that we don't even know about yet, that are too late to stop . Just thought I would share my doom fears 🙂