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insert new theme where site = ‘dltbgyd’

Posted by rabidchild    Pick themes!  this one is pretty out of date and OLD.  Any suggestions for new ones?

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new server

Posted by rabidchild

Ok, so today I moved all the servers over to my new computer, and pretty much everything should be working here now.  If you see any problems, feel free to comment here or email me and I'll get things fixed.  Overall, all sites should work properly, and pretty much everything should work, with the exception of 2 things.  Photo galleries on,, and are not working yet.  Also stats on all servers are not set up yet.  Again, anything else anyone expects to happen that does not, let me know.

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Well, due to some unfortunate blunders on my side, I appear to have dropped the past history of all posts/users and everything from the site.  I'll see what I can recover, but for now, everyone will need to recreate accounts.  Sorry y'all.

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