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I miss you President Bartlett

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Dowd has a conversation between Obama and Bartlett, written by the master himself.


People who want to marry Stephen Colbert

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Apparently Maureen Dowd
(probably his wife?)


Bob Barker Retires

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I've spent alot of time laying on the floor at my Grandmother's house watching The Price Is Right. A piece of the world I am familiar with is passing away with his retirement.

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Dick Cavett : still very entertaining

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I don't know how many of youse are old enough to remember your parents watching Dick Cavett, but he's a super entertaining guy. He used to have a talk show on PBS and he wrote an op-ed on the NYTimes this week shamelessly promoting the sale of it on DVD, but I'll be damned if the article wasn't so entertaining that I don't hold it the slightest bit against him. Definitely worth reading if you happen to have the keys to the NYTimes Select firewall.

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