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In other freedom removed news…

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A kid in Fort Bend Independent School District is being investigated by police, and also suspended from his school for making a counterstrike map out of his high school. His parents have opposed all actions against him, which pretty much puts this squarely in the face of the first amendment. This kid has not hurt anybody. Don't think bad thoughts! We must all remember to think nice things all the time. Other wise they'll send you to Coventry. Now while no one wants to have people around them be jerks, I strongly support the right of every human being to think and act like a jerk. Because who's to say what's ok? I don't think anyone is. This was a nonviolent act. Meanwhile, while we punish some kid for playing video games, we're loosening the restrictions on where you can carry guns, not to mention on KILLING PEOPLE. I'm so glad I live in Texas.


Metroid vs. Halo video

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I found this on Penny Arcade, pretty awesome Master Chief vs. Samus video. Bit ridiculous at the end, but still very entertaining.

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